Coming soon: my memoir

When I started this blog six years ago, I posted anonymously. I was afraid to share my story and real name of my somewhat-famous father:  George Michael of The Sports Machine.

People who read this blog in its early days re-affirmed that I am not the only one suffering from a family rift. My disowning may have been more extreme and made worse by my father’s public figure, but so many have their own stories. I hope by sharing mine, I can give strength and hope to others. Reading has been both my solace and inspiration from the time I was six. This memoir is my way of giving back.

Some will read it purely for a dramatic family story.  Others will read it because they want to know more about my father and his rise to fame. Whatever the interest, I hope I have told our story right.

The book is due out in August, but can pre-ordered from Amazon.  I started the memoir in 2009, before my father died, in the hopes he would read it and remember. I finished in the hope of understanding and healing.




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