Cindi’s work has appeared in several national magazines.

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Working Mother:  Trying to Be a Better Mother Than My Father

Writer’s Digest: How Writing My Memoir Was Healing but Almost Killed Me …Again

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“This memoir combines sports, a woman’s unbreakable spirit, and the strength of family. If that isn’t the American dream, we don’t know what is.”
Redbook Magazine, The 20 Best Books of 2016

“I enjoyed this book tremendously on many levels. I haven’t read a book that is this open, revealing, and personal in quite a long time.”  Ed Kalegi, America Weekend Radio host

“In this memoir, Michael meticulously traces the agonizing course of a fractious relationship that still haunts her. There is, of course, no shortage of memoirs about benighted families, but the author, who says that she’s also estranged from her sister, is unflinching in her self-analysis in this remembrance: “Twenty years later, I am still trying to figure out if the strength of my love for them is a blessing or a curse,” she writes. Now a mother of two herself, she provides the insight that “the past—a difficult one anyway—can only be laid to rest when we have examined and understood it.” Burying the past, she says, “was my father’s greatest downfall.”  A remembrance that effectively captures the author’s emotional pain and her attempts to come to terms with it.”   Kirkus Reviews

Buzzfeed10 Memoirs That Shed A Light On Unseen Family Life”   “The Sportscaster’s Daughter is candid and deeply touching as it reveals one family’s struggle with forgiveness and faith.”

Culturalist Top 10 Memoirs Exploring Family Relationships” 

Readers’ Favorite:  “The Sportscaster’s Daughter by Cindi Michael is a tale of forgiveness and self acceptance. I’m not an avid sports listener by any means so I feel that I was able to dive into The Sportscaster’s Daughter without any preconceived notions of the man who for a time was such a dominant figure in her life.  Still, I found myself rooting for Cindi at every turn, hoping that she would find the stability and love she so desired, to find her own triumph despite the rejection she faced. The Sportscaster’s Daughter by Cindi Michael is a great read for anyone looking to dig deeper into the legend, to find not a god, but a man with flaws like everyone else.”

“While George Michael was navigating a highly successful radio career during the 1970s, he was living a rather unconventional life as a single dad with custody of his three children, often putting his oldest daughter in charge. Cindi is not simply telling the story of her dad, but also revealing in great detail her own choices that tested the bonds of a once close father-daughter relationship. This is a story of faith, family and forgiveness and demonstrates how that effort continues long after her childhood and father have both passed away. Cindi’s is a remarkable journey which presents an honest look at the man she proudly calls dad while simultaneously revealing her own story of courage and strength. Both are compelling and unique. It’s a book worth reading.” Matt Ward, New York area traffic reporter  (full review on facebook)


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