Famous People Disowned and Estranged

I sometimes wonder if being rich and famous goes hand-in-hand with disowning and estrangement. Do we just know about these stories because they are in the public eye or does it happen more often because ego—either the parent’s or the child’s– becomes more important than unconditional love?

Here are just a few examples:

Neil Diamond’s father disowned him for several years, supposedly because he pursued singing over the path his father wanted him to take. This was the theme of the movie Jazz Singer. Eventually they reconciled.

Jerry Lee Lewis  disowned his son. Whether he was disowned for speaking publicly about his father hitting him or for having a drug problem is unclear. The son eventually died of a drug overdose and still Jerry Lee Lewis wanted nothing to do with him.

A royal family in India disowned their son Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil  for being gay. His story was told on Oprah.

JK Rowling is estranged from her father.

Meg Ryan is estranged from her mother.

Tatum O’Neal was estranged from her father Ryan O’Neal. Drugs on his part were allegedly part of the problem as reported in a reality TV series.

My father disowned me. His ego. His fame. Our loss.


2 thoughts on “Famous People Disowned and Estranged

  1. Unconditional love is known as affection without any limitations. We Human beings attempt this highest for of love with a small measure of success. There are more ways to break a heart than we can count. There are more ways to offend than we can count. There are more excuses to be alone than we can number. I can’t… I won’t… because… it hurts.


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